Greg Thomas: writer & editor

"A Man Walks into an Art Gallery..."
Interview with sculptor Mick Peter about his cartoon-based installation works.
February 2021
"Stormy Waters"
Review of Joanne Coates's North Sea Swells, a photo-portrait of the Orkney fishing industry.
February 2021
"Chagall at the Circus"
On Marc Chagall's The Horse Rider (1949-53), his first work to be purchased for a public collection in Scotland.
January 2021
"Tangled Intensities"
Review of painter Sara Barker's exhibition Undo the Knot, at Cample Line Gallery.
November 2020
"Hidden Depths: Edwin Morgan's Scrapbooks"
On the extraordinary 35-year scrapbook project of Scottish modernist poet Edwin Morgan, and influences on it from Surrealism to Cold War politics.
October 2020
"The Universal in the Particular: The Glasgow School at Cockburnspath"
Surveying the work of Glasgow School painters at their artists' colony at Cockburnspath during the 1880s.
September 2020
Review of Alistair Peebles/Brae Editions, The Gledfield Effect
Review of an artist's book evoking the brief but creatively rich period Ian Hamilton Finlay spent at Gledfield Farmhouse in the northern Highlands.
June 2020
"The Enigma of John Lavery: Irish Nationalist, Glasgow Boy, British State Artist"
An overview of the life and work of the Irish-born Glasgow School painter John Lavery (1856-1941)
June 2020
"Postcards from the Front"
A survey of the Fleming-Wyfold Collection's new acquisition of Ian Hamilton Finlay prints
May 2020
Review of Sylvia Wishart, Orkney Drawings 1968-1977, and Frances Scott, Undertow
Review of photo-books and sketches by modern and contemporary artists evoking the landscapes of the Orkneys
April 2020
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Forgotten Transatlantic Literary Women: Lorine Niedecker
An overview of the life and work of North-American poet Lorine Niedecker
“Nicky Melville, Abbodies (Sad Press, 2017).” Hix Eros 8 (2018). here
“Frances Presley and Peterjon Skelt, An Al­phabet for Alina (Five Seasons Press, 2012).” Cambridge Lit­erary Review 8-9 (2015). here
“Peter Manson, Poems of Frank Rupture (Sancho Panza, 2014).” Hix Eros 6 (2015). here
“Amy Todman, [Cover] (Brae, 2014).” Hix Eros 5 (2014). here
“J.L. Williams, Locust and Marlin (Shearsman, 2014).” Hix Eros 5 (2014). here
“MacGillivray, The Last Wolf of Scotland (Pighog, 2013).” Hix Eros 3 (2014). here
"Building Communities"
A survey of architectural entries for the 2021 Beazley Design of the Year Awards, based on an interview with curator Emily King. 
February 2021
"Blurring the Lines"
Review of Ming Smith: An Aperture Monograph, on the impressionistic, jazz-influenced photography of Ming Smith.
January 2021
"Subverting Language"
Interview with curator Robyn Farrell on Barbara Kruger retrospective Thinking of You. I Mean Me. I Mean You at Art Institute of Chicago.
January 2021
"Atmospheric Landscapes"
Review of photography book Inner Sound by Iain Stewart, from Another Place Press.
January 2021
"Capturing the Street"
Interview with  Fotomuseum Winterthur Director Nadine Wietlisbach on their exhibition Street. Life. Photography.
December 2020
"Photography in the Age of Sharing"
Interview with curator Nanda van den Berg on exhibition Infinite Identities: Photography in the Age of Sharing, at Huis Marseille, Amsterdam.
December 2020
"Mixed Messages"
On artist and filmmaker Rhea Storr.
December 2020
"Planetary Themes"
Interview with Fondation Cartier curator Leanne Sacramone about Sarah Sze exhibition Night into Day.
December 2020
"Intrigue in the Everyday"
Overview of work by new photographers exploring ideas of the everyday sublime.
December 2020
"Endangered Ecosystems"
Interview with National Geographic photographers Helle and Uri Løvevild-Golman.
December 2020
"Altering the Blueprint"
Long read on radical architecture, based on interview with critic and curator Beatrice Galilee.
December 2020
"Signs in the Sky"
An interview with photographer Soren Solkær about his project Black Sun, photographing starling murmurations.
November 2020
"Towards Remembrance"
Long read on the relationship between 1960s minimalism and contemporary memorial art and architecture.
October 2020
Review of Alex Balgiu and Mónica de la Torre (eds) Women in Concrete Poetry 1959-1979 
Review of the first anthology of women in the international concrete poetry movement.
October 2020
Review of Carl Bigmore, Between Two Mysteries
Review of photography book evoking the landscape and character of America's Pacific Northwest, from Scottish independent photography press Another Place.
October 2020
"John Furnival (1933-2020)"
Obituary and biographical note on the text artist and visual poet John Furnival
September 2020.
"Some Overlapping Lines of Type on John Furnival"
Reminiscences about John Furnival, with contributions by Thomas A Clark, Bernard Moxham.
November 2020.
"Poetry at Large: The Poetic and Archival Practice of Paula Claire"
Long-form review article assessing the life and work of poet and artist Paula Claire.
August 2020
Objective Events: Ian Hamilton Finlay, the Arts Councils, and the Battle as Art and Work
Essay-length article on Ian Hamilton Finlay's theatrical battles with the Scottish cultural establishment
May 2020
Ian Hamilton Finlay and His Work
A biographical essay of the modern artist and poet Ian Hamilton Finlay, commissioned by the Scottish Poetry Library