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Greg Thomas: writer & editor


"Pavel Büchler: Signs of Life"

On the Czech artist's career-spanning show at Brno's Moravska Galerie and a volume of new letterpress works, Variable Pieces, from Slimvolume Press.
February 2023

"Simon Cutts: The Small Press Model"

Book review surveying Simon Cutts's work at the cusp of modernist art, literature, and design with Tarasque and Coracle Press.
October 2023

"Julie Brook: What is it that will last?"

Review of a career-wide survey of land and tidal art by Julie Brook at the recently reopened Abbot Hall, Cumbria.
June 2023

"Nancy Holt / Inside Outside"
Review of new book on the land art of Nancy Holt published to coincide with a major retrospective at the Bildmuseet in Umeå, Sweden.
April 2023

"Nashashibi/Skaer: Chimera"

Review of new film and sculpture work by the duo of Rosalind Nashashibi and Lucy Skaer at Dundee's Cooper Gallery.
November 2022

"Ilana Halperin: Felt Events"
Review of book on the Glasgow-based US artist's work, which establishes encounters between human life and geological forms.
August 2022

"Eugen Gomringer"
Profile piece based on a 2021 interview with the then 96-year-old concrete poet, artist, and designer.
June 2022

"Intimacy and Secrecy: Tako Taal and Rae-Yen Song"

On the two artists' solo shows at Dundee Contemporary Arts, Spring 2022.
February 2022

"Concrete Poetry: A 21st-Century Anthology"

Review of Nancy Perloff's Concrete Poetry: A 21st-Century Anthology.
February 2022

"Monstrous Spectacle"
Review of a retrospective show by pioneering Situationist artist and painter Jacqueline de Jong at MOSTYN, Llandudno.
October 2021
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