Greg Thomas: writer & editor

"Art of Survival"
On the history of Mount Stuart, a masterpiece of Victorian gothic architecture on the Isle of Bute.
May 2021

"Warped Perspectives"

On the life and work of Scottish textile artist Archie Brennan, ahead of an exhibition of his work at the Dovecot Gallery, Edinburgh.
May 2021

"Pulling at the Thread"
Interview with textile artist Christian Newby ahead of his show Boredom>Mischief>Fantasy>
Radicalism>Fantasy at the Collective Gallery.
May 2021

"At the Threshold"
Review of Alastair Noble's artist's book in homage to Ian Hamilton Finlay.
April 2021

"Wild Commons"
On the Bothy Project network of interregional artists' residencies across Scotland.
April 2021

"Ian Hamilton Finlay and Ian Gardner: A Walled Garden"
Review of artist's book documenting Finlay's 1980s collaboration with Albert Speer, former Nazi architect and armaments minister.
March 2021

"In Praise of Shading"
On Scottish painter Alan Johnston, exploring his engagement with Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetics. 
March 2021

"A Man Walks into an Art Gallery..."

Interview with sculptor Mick Peter about his cartoon-based installation works.
February 2021
"Stormy Waters"
Review of Joanne Coates's North Sea Swells, a photo-portrait of the Orkney fishing industry.
February 2021
"Chagall at the Circus"
On Marc Chagall's The Horse Rider (1949-53), his first work to be purchased for a public collection in Scotland.
January 2021
"Tangled Intensities"
Review of painter Sara Barker's exhibition Undo the Knot, at Cample Line Gallery.
November 2020

"Hidden Depths: Edwin Morgan's Scrapbooks"
On the extraordinary 35-year scrapbook project of Scottish modernist poet Edwin Morgan, and influences on it from Surrealism to Cold War politics.
October 2020
"The Universal in the Particular: The Glasgow School at Cockburnspath"
Surveying the work of Glasgow School painters at their artists' colony at Cockburnspath during the 1880s.
September 2020
Review of Alistair Peebles/Brae Editions, The Gledfield Effect
Review of an artist's book evoking the brief but creatively rich period Ian Hamilton Finlay spent at Gledfield Farmhouse in the northern Highlands.
June 2020
"The Enigma of John Lavery: Irish Nationalist, Glasgow Boy, British State Artist"
An overview of the life and work of the Irish-born Glasgow School painter John Lavery (1856-1941)
June 2020
"Postcards from the Front"
A survey of the Fleming-Wyfold Collection's new acquisition of Ian Hamilton Finlay prints
May 2020
Review of Sylvia Wishart, Orkney Drawings 1968-1977, and Frances Scott, Undertow
Review of photo-books and sketches by modern and contemporary artists evoking the landscapes of the Orkneys
April 2020