Greg Thomas: writer & editor

"BOOK 1: 1931-53." 2020.
In The Centenary Collection: For Edwin Morgan, edited by Colin Herd. Speculative Books, 2020.  A poem-essay on the scrapbooks of Edwin Morgan, published in an edition of works to celebrate Morgan's centenary. here
​A permutational poem printed in a semi-transparent concertina booklet, designed to be partially legible from any combination of standing position and viewing angle. Supplied in a small black box 60mm x 60mm with inner loose leaf sheet. £7. A very limited edition of a larger size is also available, 90mm x w 90mm at a cost of £20. contact me for details. here
In The New Concrete: Visual Poetry in the 21st Century, edited by Chris McCabe and Victoria Bean. Hayward Publishing, 2015. The New Concrete is an anthology of visual poetry edited by Victoria Bean and Chris McCabe. The book represents visual poetry published from 2000 to the present day and suggests ways in which the original concrete movement of the 1950s and ’60s has been built upon, developed and redefined by subsequent generations of poets and artists. here
In Quait 1-2 (2013-) edited by Luke Allan. Sine Wave Peak. Quait was a journal series of formal and concrete poetry published by Sine Wave Peak press. Each issue of the series was dedicated to a different poetic form. The first issue featured ‘dicotyledons’, poems typically comprising two words differing by one letter. The second featured circle poems. here