Greg Thomas: writer & editor


JP Seabright on From Im and Not This and Particulates, Full House, 2022. Here
"The words and our reading of them appears to dissipate and form new meanings the longer we immerse ourselves in them. I found an almost meditative quality in this book, far beyond the normal act of reading."
Maria Sledmere on Cloud Cover, SPAM Plaza, 2021. Here
"A concrete poetry of process and reversal, Cloud Cover is a portable talisman, a miniature tab that opens into the wider text of The Cloud of Unknowing. And that cloud without definition that halos each reading, containing all, not to be entirely held, unknown. As I write this, the light glints; it starts to rain. What I want to say is obscured."
Mike Ferguson on Particulates, Gravy from the Gazebo, 2022. Here
"[W]riting that delights in playful and meaningful exploration of individual words as well as phrases – and more. As Stephen Bann explains it in his back-cover blurb, ‘moves from spare one-word poems to expansive typographical structures’. I am frankly dazzled by both poles, so the ascent of limbs engages as much as the ash washed ashore."