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"Getting into the Spirit of Things: On Alec Finlay's Play My Game"
Review of Alec Finlay's 2023 poetry collection from Stewed Rhubarb press, exploring themes of pantheism, play, and sickness and recovery.
April 2024 (2.11)


"Concrete and Tantra: A Conversation with Stephen Nelson"

Interview with Scottish visual poet Stephen Nelson about connections between concrete poetry and tantric ritual.

December 2023 (2.9)

"Jessie Sheeler, 1939-2022"

Obituary for early collaborator of Ian Hamilton Finlay and co-founder of Wild Hawthorn Press, reprinted from Scottish Art News.

September 2023 (2.8)

"Outsider of Outsiders: On Lily Greenham’s Tune In To Reality!"

On concrete poetry and op-artist Lily Greenham's re-released 1974 poetry collection, re-released in 2022.

May 2023 (2.7)

"Review of Concrete Poetry: A 21st Century Anthology, edited by Nancy Perloff"

Reprinted from Burlington Contemporary

September 2022 (2.5)

"An Essential Such as Isn't: Review of The Matrix and EECCHHOOEESS by N.H Pritchard"

Reprinted from SPAMZINE

May 2022 (2.4)

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