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Greg Thomas: writer & editor


"Contact with the Now"
Review of Hélio Oiticica's Secret Poetics, translated by Rebecca Kosick.
March-April 2024

"Concrete, Communism, Ecumenism: Dom Sylvester Houédard in the Czech Republic"
On the relationship between Dom Sylvester Houédard's faith, utopian politics, and concrete poetics, inspired by the dsh show Endlessly Inside at Broumov Monastery, Czech Republic.
November-December 2023

Review of Matthew Tomkinson's sequence of lipogrammatic poems without ascending or descending letters.
March-April 2023

"His Vorpal Blade"

Review of Nicky Melville, A Decade of Cu ts
January-February 2022

"Where eyes are supposed to be"
Review of Yi Sang, Selected Works, edited by Don Mee Choi, translated by Jack Jung, Sawako Nakayasu, Don Mee Choi, and Joyelle McSweeney.
April-May 2021

"John Furnival (1933-2020)"

Obituary and biographical note on the text artist and visual poet John Furnival.
September 2020
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